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Французы разбирают тела погибших ливийцев на органы, которые продают в Европу. Думаю, мусульманам в первую очередь будет, мягко говоря, интересно это узнать.

Машинный перевод с арабского:
Sources reported news of the city of Benghazi, citing witnesses, as the French mafia stealing human organs for victims of the war waged by NATO against the Libyan people and the transfer of Libyan nationals in the Middle Libyan networks edge of the cut French soldiers and young men dead on the battlefield for use in medical research and some with disabilities in Europe.

This group, according to witnesses, including French soldiers, doctors, nurses and professional knowledge of anatomy and surgery, because the theft of human organs require technology and knowledge scalping.

Not least by maintaining the integrity of the stolen user and the degree to use at any time.
They have all the facilities and support and adaptation.
France, Qatar and United Arab Emirates may Brrta war against Libya in order to protect civilians, and if Taatjahr human organs for the Libyans in a manner contrary to human instinct and Islamic values!

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