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Вот так набирают учителей английского в Грузию.

Teach English in Georgia -- Become an ESL teacher and live in Europe! (Georgia (Europe))

On the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, on the shores of the Black Sea, lies the Republic of Georgia. This ancient and proud nation has gone through many tumultuous years following the dissolution of the USSR and is working hard at building a prosperous future. The current Georgian government has set ambitious goals for the future and has spent the last years passing impressive and far-reaching reforms aimed at building the country's economic, social and educational standing.

As a country dominated by Russian influence for the past 200 years, the Georgian government has launched an ambitious program aimed at making English the second language of the country, replacing Russian and opening the doors to the global marketplace. To this end, the Georgian government has partnered with Footprints Recruiting.

Teachers will work alongside their Georgian counterparts in the classroom -- they will know the curriculum and the milestones the students are supposed to achieve. Many of them will have received their education in the former USSR and chances are they have never been to an English-speaking country. As a foreign teacher, you will play an extremely important role in making the subject "come alive" for students, and be the primary source for English-language culture and media.

Our website contains much more information about the country, its culture and what prospective teachers can expect from life in Georgia, so make sure to check it out.

Start date & duration:

As this is an extremely flexible program, there are various start dates and placement durations available; please inquire for details.

Work details:

Days: Monday through Friday
Hours: 25 -- 30 hours a week
School type: Public - elementary school
School size: 100 -- 250
Class size: 10 -- 20

Contract details:

Airfare: Provided
Housing: Room with local family provided, 100 GEL/month for utilities
Salary: 500 GEL/month (Georgian Lari)
Insurance: Local health insurance provided
Additional: Local bank account provided
Mobile phone provided
Vacation flight home with 24 vacation days provided for 2-semester terms
Reference letter by the government of Georgia provided upon completion of term


Language: Non-native speakers of English are eligible to apply; full proficiency required

Education: Associate's degree in any field
Bachelor's degree or above in any field
Completion of 2 years of university courses in any field

Experience: Teaching experience not required

Work experience not required

Other: Teaching certification not required
Any nationality eligible to apply
Clean criminal record required
Georgia has no visa requirements nor work permits for foreigners
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