Майор Вихрь (zabriski) wrote,
Майор Вихрь

кто за что молится

Вот такая услуга, молитвы на каждый день.
Выбрал, прокопипастил, и джызас стал ближе.

Prayer Of The Day – Money Management In Marriage.
Сегодня помолимся за навыки менеджмента в супружеских отношениях.

Dear Lord,
I lift up our finances to you. I don't want to worry about our finances. Please help me trust in your provision no matter what our account says. I pray that you would help my spouse and I to manage our money properly. I pray that money would not be a source of tension in our relationship. Help us learn how to communicate to each other about the budget and setting reasonable boundaries with money. I pray that you would show us how to make wise decisions with our money. I pray that we can remain faithful to tithe and make sure that you receive our gifts. We submit our finances to you and our marriage in Jesus name AMEN!

Боже, сохрани наши деньги и нашу женидьбу. Аминь.
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