Майор Вихрь (zabriski) wrote,
Майор Вихрь



Вот такое предложение я получила от одного своего знакомого.

My place is yours, of course, a bit messy but cozy. Naturally you may fuck me if you like -- You are the woman -- but I assume nothing and respect your needs. These days, I sleep from 1 to 9 p.m. I have not slept w/ another mammal since 2008 or had sex with one since 2010. I do miss doing both.

Sleeping with reptiles is awkward! And everyone says sex with insects is painful for mammals. I am not desperate. I am trying to reassure you.

I understand jet lag in this direction. You will have a key of course to come and go whenever.

I only wish you liked kissing. Even once.

Ужас, ужас, ужас...
Tags: sex, культуральное, про мужиков
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