Майор Вихрь (zabriski) wrote,
Майор Вихрь

желтый цвет - 2008 больше нет

Прочитала, что официальный цвет на 2009 год - ЖЁЛТЫЙ.

Ключевые слова:

солнечный свет

Как это прикажете понимать?

Feeling yellow?

What color is next new year? Yellow, according to the color authorities at Pantone, who just named "mimosa" the official hue of 2009. Yellow, they say, is "connected to warmth, sunshine and cheer." Who doesn't need that?
But yellow has other associations, too, like hope. And jealousy.
Hope has long inspired people to wear yellow ribbons (and tie them around trees or put these on their cars) during times of war.
The yellow ribbon originally acted as a sign to young men returning home that their fiancées and girlfriends were still theirs.
Which famous song brings the yellow ribbon to life?
Why are these particular ribbons yellow?
Jealousy: Once upon a time, roses were either red or pink. In the 19th century, yellow ones were discovered growing in the Middle East. Originally, yellow roses were a symbol of dying love or jealousy. Today, yellow roses stand for these qualities.
And more yellow:
Yellow is the color of which chakra? There, yellow relates to this psycho-spiritual quality.
Which 1960s Donovan song is "yellow"?
What else does yellow stand for?
What was 2008's hue? (Hint: It's just about opposite yellow on the color wheel.)

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