Майор Вихрь (zabriski) wrote,
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An elderly woman has been missing since Friday morning, and the Tulsa Police Department wants everyone to be on the lookout.

73-year-old ХХХХХ ХХХХХ was last seen near 37th & Harvard. She usually goes to the Homeland store at 31st & Harvard in the early morning, then returns home. Police believe that she became disoriented and got lost.

She drives a 1991 Silver Mazda Protege 4-door. The vehicle tag is ХХХ ХХХ.

Police say she possibly suffers from Alzeheimer's. She disappeared last month and was found in Kansas by police very disoriented.

If anyone has information, contact the Tulsa Police Department.

Представьте себе 73-летнюю российскую старушку с альцгеймером, имеющую права и водящую машину.
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